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Arthritis Treatment – Joint Care

Experience Customized Ayurvedic Treatments for Joint Pain & Arthritis at Herbal Hills Wellness Center in Juhu. Our expert doctors will address the root cause and dosha imbalance associated with your joint pain. Choose from specialized treatments like Janu Basti, Kati Basti, Greeva Basti, Podikizhi, and Sarvanga Abhyanga for complete body pain relief.

Discover the benefits of these ancient therapies in our informative videos. Visit our center for a complimentary doctor consultation and personalized guidance. Find relief for your joint concerns with Herbal Hills Wellness Center.

What are the main Causes ?

1. Obesity 2. Sports Injury 3. Previous joint injury 4. Family history 5. Age 6. Genetics 7. Immune System Disorders 8. Low Physical Activity 9. Inflammation

Signs and Symptom

1. Chronic Joint Pain
2. Swelling/ Inflammation around joints
3. Joint Stiffness
4. Redness
5. Movement Restriction

Disease Based Treatments