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Patrapotala Sweda, also known as Elakizhi (Ilakizhi), is a traditional Ayurveda treatment that uses a variety of medicinal leaves (herbs). It causes the affected region to sweat, which causes the skin to expel waste. Herbal kizhis are made from fresh leaves (ela) with vata-calming qualities (bundles).

Types Of Elakizhi :-

1) Sarvanga elakizhi – Herbal Leaf Potali Massage to Full Body
2) Ardhanga Elakizhi – Herbal Leaf Potali Massage to Half Body
3) Ekanga elakizhi – Herbal Leaf Potali Massage to any Local Part

Procudure :-

1. Medicated liquid is prepared using milk and medicinal kadha
2. Shashtishali Rice is processed in half a portion of the kadha to make potalies
3. Another half portion of the kadha is continuously heated on the pan and used to dip in the potalies during the procedure.
4. Massage patient’s body with alternative potalies


Treatment Benefits

Reduce Arthritic Pain
Improve Paralytic Condition
Remove Body Stiffness
Manage Vata Disorders
Nourishes Body
Reduce Sciatica Pain