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Lekhan Basti

Lekhan Basti is an ideal Ayurvedic therapy for overweight individuals seeking to shed excess fat and eliminate accumulated toxins from their bodies. Derived from the Sanskrit terms “lekhan” meaning “scraping” and “basti” meaning “medicated enema,” this treatment focuses on weight loss through various targeted actions. It uses specialized herbs to reduce body fat, detoxify the system, regulate blood sugar levels, and improve digestion. 

Experienced therapists and qualified doctors at Herbal Hills wellness center ensure your safety and well-being throughout the treatment.

Procudure :-

1. The medicated enema is prepared using specific herbs, which helps in reducing fat and aligning diseases
2. The warm enema is instilled into the patient by rectal route using a rubber catheter
3. During this procedure, ask the patient to take a deep breath by mouth
4. Rest is necessary after this procedure The kadha needs to come out within 45 Mins. Otherwise, contact the doctor

Lekhan-Basti 850

Treatment Benefits

Remove Toxins
Support Weight Management
Manage PCOD
Manage High Blood Sugar Level