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Netra Terpana

Netra Tarpana is a Sanskrit term comprised of two words: Netra (Eyes) and Tarpana (Nourishment). Rejuvenating both eyes with Medicatied Ghruta

Why Eye Care is Important?

The universe is viewed through the eyes.
Eye protection is crucial. It is not sufficient to simply purchase a set of corrective lenses. Beyond this is eye maintenance! The importance of maintaining, preventing, and improving vision has been recommended by Ayurveda. And it is accomplished by the following procedure, in which we hydrate the eyes with Ayurvedic Ghrita.


1. The compartment of black gram flour is prepared around both eyes
2. The lukewarm Ghrita is poured into the prepared compartment till the level of the eyelashes
3. Ask the patient to blink their eyes 5. The ring is taken off at the conclusion of the procedure after squeezing out the Ghrita.
4. You can massage the affected region lightly afterward.
5. Washing eyes with lukewarm water or Tripahala kwath is necessary to cleanse the eyes.

Netra Terpana

Treatment Benefits

Improve Eye Health
Improve Vision
Cleanses Eyes
Moisturizes Dry Eyes
Reduces Eyes Burning