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Sarvanga Abhyanga

Full body massage with medicated oil followed by swedanam (Steam)

Procudure :-

1) The herbal oil used for it and is customized as per the patient’s Prakruti and presenting conditions. Give full body massage with warm oil for 60 Mins Abhyanga can be performed by a single therapist or by two therapists working in synchronization.
2) Apply firm pressure on the extremities and light to very light pressure should be applied to the neck, abdomen, heart area, face, eyes, and forehead. The abdomen should be massaged in a clockwise circular motion in the direction of the large intestine. Move up on the right side then straight across the abdomen and then downwards on the left side.
3) The scientific reason for this may be due to the increase in blood flow towards the most distal parts of the body. If the abhyanga is done towards the heart, or in the direction opposite to that of the body hair, the massage may overwhelm the heart through the increased venous return. 4) Rest for 15 minutes after massage then takes a warm water bath.


Treatment Benefits

Reduce Cough and Cold
Improve Skin Health
Reduces Fatigue
Manage Thyroid
Increases Relaxation
Offer Sound sleep
Support Weight Loss