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Saundarya – Glow Your Skin

Indulge in the natural pampering and nourishment of your skin with our HH Signature Treatment, “Saundarya,” an Ayurvedic Treatment of Skin. Meticulously crafted by our team of experts, various authentic therapies under Saundarya are curated to enhance your skin’s radiance in a truly natural way.

Beauty is not a matter of just looking good but have a good self esteem and confidence.wide range of cosmetics and beauty enhancing treatments are available in the market,which enhance your outer skin but ayurveda believes in enhancing your inner ( body purification) and outer beauty(skin glow) .facials have been proven to boost your serotonin level making you feel all round happier.definately there are so many ways to relax and unwind but nothing is comapared to experiencing a authentic specialized treatmnet by using fresh herbs and freshly prepared medicines in a relaxing, warm and stress free environment.it is also helpfull in improving effect of illness and aid in recovery.


1. Pamper your skin with non-toxic, non-chemical facia medicated oil, ghee, and herbal powder keeps your skin glowing.
2. Helps to tone, sculpt, and lift your face, neck, and body.
3. Helps to exfoliate the skin and removes toxins, cleanses your skin.
4. Helps to eliminate white heads, black heads, and acne marks.
5. Facial massage promotes blood circulation and reduces signs of aging.


Threrapies Used - Saundarya