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Vishrama – Relaxation – Pain Relief

Say goodbye to body pain and embrace rejuvenation with our HH Signature Treatment, “Vishrama.” This Ayurvedic massage-based therapy is crafted by our team of Ayurveda experts. Various authentic therapies are curated under Ayurvedic Massage for Body Pain to provide targeted relief and a holistic approach to well-being. 

Pain is an unpleasant feeling, nobody wants to bear it, causes discomfort in your daily activity, affect mood and ability to work. Who doesn’t want to hike a mountain without thinking of knee pain or back pain, pain relief is key to improving quality of life. It is the feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. Other than medicines, Ayurveda plays a very crucial role by providing various therapies.


1. Relieves tiredness and pain in the muscles
2. Improves circulation, relieves stiffness, improves mobility and flexibility
3. Imparts muscle tone and nourishes body tissues
4. Works on sciatica, lower back pain, arthritis, and gout
5. A great treatment for athletes, marathoners, hikers, cyclists, bikers


Threrapies Used - Vishrama