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Stress Relief Treatment

The body’s natural response to change is stress, which causes physical, emotional, and intellectual reactions. Everyone experiences stress, which is a typical human reaction. The human body is actually built such that it can experience stress and respond to it. Your body responds physically and psychologically to changes or challenges (stressors). Your body adjusts to new surroundings with the aid of stress reactions. Stress can keep us focused, determined, and prepared to avert danger. But just as anything in excess is bad for the body, so is stress. Panchakarma restores the function of 5 sensory organs. The treatment aims at identifying the root causes of stress and anxiety and correcting the essential balance of mind, body, and emotions.

What are the main Causes ?

Mental Trauma

  • Chronic illness or injury
  • Physical Injury
  • Money & Career Goals
  • Having a heavy workload or too much responsibility
  • Risks and Challenges of Life
  • Home Responsibilities

 The level and Reason of stress change from person to person. The emotional and overthinking of the upcoming challenge in life create stress. Even small things can trigger this emotion.


Signs and Symptom

  • Irritable, angry, impatient
  • Over-burdened or overwhelmed.
  • Anxious, nervous or afraid.
  • Like your thoughts are racing and you can’t switch off.
  • Unable to enjoy yourself.
  • Depressed.
  • Uninterested in life.
  • Like you’ve lost your sense of humour.

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