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Raktmokashana – Leech Therapy

Raktmokshana is a process of letting out impure blood from the affected part of the body. Leech therapy is one of the methods used in Raktmokshana. It is the safest and most effective method of extracting blood by medicinal leeches. 

Procudure :-

1. Patient should not apply any Hair care or Skin care products like soap, oil, or creams according to the therapy
2. During the session, the leech is applied to the affected part and allowed the suck the impure blood
3. Leech will automatically leave the area after sucking impure blood. If not measures will be taken by observing symptoms. No of leeches can be differ according to the patient’s condition.


Treatment Benefits

Reduces Hair Fall
Reduces Acne & Blemishes
Reduces Migraine
Reduce Skin Diseases