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Hrudbasti is a Sanskrit term comprised of two words: Hrud(Heart) and Basti (Oil Retaining). The heart is the vital organ of our body. In this treatment, the heart region is bathed with warm Ayurvedic Oil. This process intended to improve heart functions

Procudure :-

1) Gently massage the chest region with the doctor recommended warm medicinal oil. Special care should be taken while massaging.
2) On top of the heart region, a chamber made of black gram dough is constructed. The dough ring needs to be positioned so that it surrounds the heart properly.
3) Check the temperature and pour the lukewarm oil into the compartment after making sure the ring is leak-proof.
4) Once that has cooled, cotton gauze is used to press it out, and the process is repeated. The oil’s temperature needs to be held steady throughout the procedure.
5) The ring is taken off at the conclusion of the procedure, and you can massage the affected region lightly afterward.


Treatment Benefits

Pacify Vata Dosha in Chest Region
Strengthens Cardiac Muscles
Enhance Blood Circulation
Regulate Heart Function