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Mann Shuddhi

Introducing “Mann Shuddhi,” our HH Health Packages fully based on Ayurvedic treatment for depression. Meticulously curated by our Ayurveda experts, this comprehensive package includes various authentic therapies aimed at harmonizing the mind, reducing stress, and promoting a sense of inner calm. Experience Mann Shuddhi for mental well-being and emotional balance.

1 Month Package Includes:

1. Doctor Consultation – 8 Times
2. Doctor Guidance – Customised Diet plan, Yoga, Exercise

Treatment - 1

1. It Includes 4 Treatments
2. Duration – Per Day 75 Mins

Treatment - 2

1. It Includes 4 Treatments
2. Duration – Per Day 90 Mins


1. Relieve fatigue & relaxes mind
2. Reduce mental stress & physical strain
3. Restores energy, promotes lightness and calmness
4. Improve sleep quality and manage insomnia
5. Relax tensed muscles and stimulate the blood