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Anuvasana Basti

Our wellness center offers the effective and natural solution of Anuvasana Basti for constipation relief. Our Ayurvedic medicated oil enema procedure involves the preparation of a specific blend of oils to create a warm and soothing enema that is administered through the rectal route.
Experience the remarkable benefits of Anuvasana Basti as it lubricates the intestines, facilitating the easier passage of stool and providing relief from constipation.

Our experienced therapists and qualified doctors ensure safety and well-being throughout the process. Choose natural relief with Anuvasana Basti for optimal digestive health.

Procudure :-

1. The medicated enema is prepared using specific medicated oils
2. The warm oil enema is instilled into the patient by rectal route using a rubber catheter
3. During this procedure, ask the patient to take a deep breath by mouth
4. Rest is necessary after this procedure The enema is good to be retained in the body as much as it can for higher absorption of medicinal properties.

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Treatment Benefits

Reduce Arthritis Pain
Improve Sciatica Pain
Manage IBS
Reduce Constipation
Help in Paralysis