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Pichu in Ayurveda stands for sponging or padding and followed by oil massaging. Ayurvedic Pichu therapy is a palliative treatment. It is advised to treat Vata imbalances in the localised body part.

Types Of Pichu :-

1) Kati Pichu (Lower Back) – Oil Padding on the Lower back
2) Greeva Pichu (Neck)- Oil Padding on the Neck
3) Shiro Pichu (Forehead)- Oil Padding on the Head

Procudure :-

1) Sterile cotton pads of specific thickness are dipped in the suggested Ayurvedic oils and placed over the affected body part
2) Continuous pouring of warm Ayurvedic oil is done for a few minutes to an hour according to the patient’s condition.
3) After a period of time, cotton pads are removed followed by a gentle massage.


Treatment Benefits

Reduce Arthritic Pain
Offers Calming Effect
Improve Hair Health
Induce Sleep
Impacts Vata Imbalance