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Instant Detox

This HH Health Packages fully based on Full-Body Detox Treatment. Meticulously curated by our Ayurveda experts, this package includes various authentic therapies aimed at providing a quick and effective detoxifying experience. Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating touch of “Instant Detox” for a swift and revitalizing journey to wellness.

4 Days Package Includes:

1. Doctor Consultation – 2 Times
2. Doctor Guidance – Customised Diet plan, Yoga, Exercise

Treatment - 1

Take Ghee Prashan at Home on Day 1 – Day 2 – Day 3

Ghee Prashan
Ghee Prashan

Treatment - 2

Take Treatment 2 on – Day 4


1. Body detox & colon cleansing
2. Improves digestion and eliminates toxins
3. Removes fatigue and improves blood circulation
4. Revive your mind & body from stress, strain, and pain
5. Strengthens body muscles and Enhance Vigor & Vitality