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Joint Care

“Joint Care,” our HH Health Packages fully based on Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis. Crafted by our Ayurveda experts, this comprehensive package includes various authentic therapies aimed at reducing inflammation, improving joint flexibility, and providing relief from arthritis discomfort. Experience our Joint Care Package to manage arthritis and promote joint health.

1 Month Package Includes:

1. Doctor Consultation – 8 Times
2. Doctor Guidance – Customised Diet plan, Yoga, Exercise

Treatment - 1

1. It Includes 4 Treatments
2. Duration – Per Day 90 Mins

Treatment - 2

1. It Includes 4 Treatments
2. Duration – Per Day 90 Mins


1. Relieves tiredness and pain in the muscles
2. Improves circulation, relieves stiffness, improves mobility and flexibility
3. Imparts muscle tone and nourishes body tissues
4. Works on sciatica, lower back pain, arthritis, and gout
5. A great treatment for athletes, marathoners, hikers, cyclists, bikers