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Full Body Hot Oil Bath. In this therapy, a special linen cloth is dipped into warm medicated oil mixture, and squeezed over the affected areas of the patient and give massage

Types Of Podikizhi :-

1) Sarvanga podikizhi – Full Body Hot Oil Bath
2) Ardhanga podikizhi – Half Body Hot Oil Bath
3) Ekanga podikizhi – Local Body Part Hot Oil Bath

Procudure :-

1) Gently massage the body with Medicated Oil
2) Squeeze the warm oil and pour slowly on the affected part of the patient by using a special linen cloth dipped in warm oil
3) While Squeezing the oil, massage gently to the affected area
4) The temperature of the oil should be maintained throughout the procedure


Treatment Benefits

Improves Blood Circulation
Improve Paralytic Condition
Reduce Muscle Cramps
Reduce Arthritic Pain