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Shiro Lepam

Say goodbye to hair problems with the Ayurvedic remedy of Hair Lepam. This nourishing treatment involves the application of a medicated herbal paste to the scalp and hair. By nourishing the scalp and strengthening hair roots, it effectively reduces breakage and improves overall hair health. The herbal paste also enhances blood circulation, prevents scalp infections, and reduces hair fall.

Hair Lepam restores moisture balance, nourishes hair shafts, and transforms the overall texture and vitality of your hair. Experience the magic of this customized herbal paste by consulting with our expert doctors and transform your hair care routine for good.

Procudure :-

1) Paste of freshly collected leaves or powder is mixed with the suggested liquid
2) The paste is applied to the scalp and head for a certain period.
3) When the paste is about to lose its moisture, it is removed with clean cotton, and a warm bath is given to the patient.
Note: Do not let the mask get fully dry.


Treatment Benefits

Improves Hair Health
Stimulates natural cleansing