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Santulana – Dosha Balancing – Feel Healthy

Harmony is restored to your mind and body through various authentic therapies curated under “Santulana”, our Ayurvedic Treatment for Vata Dosha. Our team of Ayurveda experts has come up with the HH Signature Treatment, offering a personalized journey towards balance and well-being.

It is necessary to have a break from your busy schedule and take care of yourself,despite often feeling that you dont have the time to.everybody deserve to feel healthy physically and mentally.sleeping lately,eating junk food ,work stress etc causes imalance of dosha which is in early stages can not get identified or we neglect the,as it get worsen occur disease.basic knowledge of our prakriti is so important so we can prevent the dosha imbalance by avoiding the routine and maintain it with the help of ayurveda.


1. Restores the balance of the doshas & remove Vikruti in body
2. Vata Balance helps to resolve sleep-related issue, joint pain, digestive disorders, induces calmness
3. Pitta Balance helps in resolving gastric problems, improving skin health
4. Kapha Balance reduces sinus, nose, and throat allergies
5. Dosha balance re-energies and rejuvenates the body


Threrapies Used - Santulana