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Apatarpana – Fat Burning – Weight Loss

Introducing “Apatarpana,” our HH Signature Treatment fully based on Weight Loss by Ayurvedic Treatment. Meticulously crafted by our Ayurveda experts, this signature treatment comprises various authentic therapies aimed at reducing weight and fostering confidence. Experience the transformation of Apatarpana for a healthier and confident you.

A healthy weight is essential for both excellent health and the prevention of some diseases, such as heart disease, joint disease, and hypertension. A healthy weight makes you comfortable and boosts your confidence. Lethargy causes people to escape working out and exercising on a daily basis. Some people find it challenging to lose weight these days, and the risk of gaining back lost weight is high. Thus, Ayurveda has come to a rescue! Ayurveda provides some effective treatments to aid in fat reduction.


1. Removes excessive fat from the body and provide lightness
2. Helps in managing diseases due kapha which leads to weight gaining
3. Helps in removing fluid retention from the body
4. It helps in treating constipation and manage appetite
5. Removes toxins from the body and helps in managing healthy weight


Threrapies Used - Apatarpana