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Agnikarma is an ancient Instant Pain Relief Therapy. The word “Agnikarma” is derived from Sanskrit, where “Agni” means fire and “Karma” means action. This is the procedure that involves the application of heat through the means of a heated instrument made from Iron, Brass, Silver or Gold to treat various ailments of the body.

Procudure :-

1. Preparation: The area to be treated is first prepared by cleaning and sterilizing it.
2. Selection of Agnikarma Shalaka: The appropriate heated instrument (Made from Iron, Brass, Silver or Gold) or substance is selected based on the nature of the ailment and the patient’s condition.
3. Application of Heat: The selected instrument or substance is then applied to the affected area, creating controlled thermal injury.
4. Post-treatment Care: After the procedure, the patient may be advised to follow some guidelines for post-treatment care, including rest and proper hygiene.

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Treatment Benefits

Instant Pain Relief
Neurological Disorders
Inflammatory Conditions
Improving Mobility
Wound Healing