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Ksheera dhooman

Ksheera Dhooma is a steam-based method. This well-known and efficient Ayurvedic method involves combining a decoction of plant remedies and cow’s milk, heating it, and then funnelling the released vapours through a rubber tube. Ayurvedic Doctor’s will use the steam to the whole body in general or the affected part, as it is known to have therapeutic effects to it.

Procudure :-

1) Milk is processed with medicated kadha in the cooker
2) One end of the pipe is attached to this cooker, while the other end of the tube is used to give steam to the local body part.

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Treatment Benefits

Reduce Stiffness & Heavyness
Improves Paralytic Condition
Reduce Pain
Reduce Swelling
Beneficial for Accidental Injuries