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Hair Fall Treatment

Hair is the most important part of your personality. But due to a hectic lifestyle, stress, and many other reasons, we go through hair loss. If you comb your hair or just running hands through your hair and observe hair loss of 50 strands a day, then it is very normal. But if the ratio of new hair follicles formation to hair fall is not normal then its a time to worry.
What Does Ayurveda Say About Hair Fall? According to Ayurveda, your prakruti and dosha are directly related to hair fall. Ayurveda suggests Yoga, Diet, Meditation, and Oil application to reduce hair fall and to get naturally shiny and long hair. We suggest that massage with suitable oil enhances blood circulation of the scalp, reduces stress, and improve hair health.

What are the main Causes ?

Hair loss can be caused by multiple reasons. Some of the major ones are as follows

  • Thyroid Imbalance
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Pregnancy can take a toll on your hair health
  • Medication sometimes can cause hair fall as its side-effects
  • Autoimmune Diseases can all cause hair damage
  • Stress can directly hamper hair health
  • Nutrition Deficiency
  • Use of Chemicals
  • Excessive Hair Styling & Coloring – Age

Signs and Symptom

The main symptom of hair fall is losing more hair than usual, but sometimes it is difficult to find at an early stage. You should look for these symptoms to consult a doctor

  • Wide Parting of Hair
  • Receding Hairline – Circular or Patchy Bald Patches
  • Losing More Strands than Regular
  • Itching and Redness in the Scalp is a signs of damaged scalp health
  • Formation of Dandruff

Treatment Benefits