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The Virechan is medicinally induced purgation (Loose Motion) for the elimination of toxins and excessive Pitta Dosha from the body. 

Procudure :-

Virechan process is inclusive of multiple pre and post-process 

1) Pre-therapy Procedure:
i. Snehapan: For 3- 6 Days, the patient has to drink ghee on empty stomach every morning. The dose will increase from 30 ml to 180 ml in these 6 days.
ii. Snehan and Swedan should be carried out after snehapan till the day of Virechan


2) Main Therapy: Virechan
i. Patient needs to sit comfortably on a chair and ask to take Ayurvedic medicine to induce loose motion.
ii. After every episode of loose motion, drink 1 glass of black resin water.
iii. During this treatment ask the patient to walk and rest their body throughout the procedure
iv. Continue this process till a whitish or sticky discharge appears.
3) Post therapy: Sansarjan Kram
After Virechan, digestion is weak for a few days. So to increase the digestive power, the patient has to follow a special diet regimen, which is called Sansarjan Kram.
i. It includes food such as moong dal, rice, etc.
ii. Along with food, consume digestive powder provided by us

Treatment Benefits

Reduce Acidity
Manage Blood Pressure
Cleanses Liver
Reduce Constipation
Support Weight Loss
Improve Skin Health