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Pada Abhyanga

In simple term, it is Foot Massage/ Foot Care. Foot care is holistic and involves massaging the pressure points with herbal and medicinal oils.

Intro :- Why Foot Care is Important?

After years of modern living, your feet suffer from various wear and tear. Wearing heals and uncomfortable footwear has become a part of a modern routine, which leads to various foot aches. Thus massaging your feet with warm medicated oil improves blood circulation, helps you relax, and offers utmost comfort, making life easy.

Procudure :-

1. The medicated oil is passively made warm by using double boiler method
2. The oil is liberally applied to the feet, including the soles, calf, heel, ankle joint, and legs.

Masseur doing massage on Asian woman body in the spa salon

Treatment Benefits

Manages Blood Pressure
Relaxes Central Nervous System
Reduces Stress & Anxiety
Maintain Dosha Balance